Globecast Rises to the Challenge of the Orange Africa Cup of Nations, EQUATORIAL GUINEA 2015

Globecast Rises to the Challenge of the Orange Africa Cup of Nations, EQUATORIAL GUINEA 2015Globecast has announced that it has risen to the considerable challenges of this year’s Orange Africa Cup of Nations, EQUATORIAL GUINEA 2015, football tournament, proving a variety of successful contribution and distribution services that helped bring the tournament to screens around the world.

François Persiaux, Head of Global Contribution France, said, “The Orange Africa Cup of Nations, EQUATORIAL GUINEA 2015, presented some very specific – and sizeable – challenges. For instance, the venue was finally switched to Equatorial Guinea as the host country as late as the end of November last year. This presented a massive logistical challenge, one that we rose to.”

Globecast gathered a highly experienced team from its staff and began the process of configuring and shipping seven HD flyaway uplink kits – there was a total of 4.5 tons of equipment – then had to organise local logistics and seven different satellites for contribution and distribution. The situation was made more complex by the fact that the capital of the country – Malabo, to where all the equipment had to be shipped – is a 45-min flight from the mainland. Read More…


Nations Cup 2015: Equatorial Guinea preparations underway

Caf took the finals away from Morocco, who had demanded a delay due to their fears over Ebola.

The stadiums in Malabo and Bata were both used as venues when Equatorial Guinea co-hosted the 2012 Nations Cup with Gabon.

However work needs to be done on the grounds in both Ebebeyin and Mongomo.

“The turf for Mongomo and Ebebeyin stadiums is going to be brought by plane from Europe,” one of the supervisors told the BBC.

Work also needs to be done on the stadium structure and other facilities, but all those involved in the preparations are confident the work will be completed in time.

“Time is a big challenge but the good thing is that it’s not new for us to work against time,” said Francisca Obiang Jimenez, the president of the Office of National Projects, who was there supervising the works.

The new highway built to connect Bata and Mongomo.
“We have built almost an entire city, Sipopo, in about two years and we’ve also built a highway.

“Everybody was expecting that that would finish four years from now but we finished it on time, so I don’t think there will be much problem with the stadiums.”

The new highway means you can travel from Bata, on the coast, to Mongomo, located near the eastern border with Gabon, in around two hours. Read More….

CAF Picks Equatorial Guinea to Host AFCON 2015

Equatorial Guinea has bailed the Confederation of African Football (CAF) out by agreeing to host the 2015 edition of the African Cup of Nations (AFCON), a tournament clouded by fear surrounding the Ebola virus.

CAF’s persistence finally paid off. Morocco, fearing the spread of Ebola into its country, relinquished their right to host. As a result, CAF banned them from the finals, and more penalties are surely to come.

Equatorial Guinea co-hosted the competition in 2012 with Gabon. Volunteering to be an emergency host for the 2015 AFCON, however, means that Equatorial Guinea has only two months to prepare.

Having hosted the competition just two years ago suggests the existing infrastructure will require little renovation to bring them to the standard required by CAF. Read More…

Africa Oil & Gas, Finance & Investment Forum 2013


AME Trade Ltd are happy to announce the launch of the Africa Oil & Gas, Finance & Investment Forum ( This event is supported by the African Petroleum Producers Association (APPA) Fund for Technical Cooperation and will be held at the Park Hyatt, Dubai Creek, United Arab Emirates on 22-23 October 2013.
AOGFI will bring together regional and international financial institutions, multilateral financial agencies, private equity, institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds, national and international oil companies, government and other industry stakeholders to explore effective finance solutions and strategies for unlocking Africa’s oil and gas potential across the value chain, at the same time showcasing major oil & gas investment projects in the region.Africa Oil & Gas Finance and Investment Forum will include delegations of the highest rank, from Africa’s seventeen petroleum producing countries namely: Algeria, Angola, Benin, Cameroon, Congo, Congo DRC, Cote D’Ivoire, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Libya, Mauritania, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Chad and key private sector companies operating in Africa in addition to distinguished participants from international key energy firms and financial entities.
Topics to be discussed at AIOGFI 2013 include:
  • Market outlook – impact of the current global economic situation on access to funding for energy projects in Africa
  • Strategies for mobilising the financial resources required for the development of the oil & gas industry in Africa
  • The role of international financial institutions in financing investment in the African oil & gas Industry
  • Driving Africa’s oil, gas sector through local finance: the ability of local banks to finance massive oil and gas projects
  • Accessing and implementing debt financing solutions to bring assets to production
  • Growth of the African oil and gas industry and its future through finance and M&A activity
  • Capital raising and risk management
  • Accessing private capital
  • Infrastructure development and financing solutions
  • Strategies for achieving bankability and investment grade
  • Investment outlook – maximising investment opportunities
  • Collaboration and partnerships with the IOCs
  • The practical master gas development plan