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Mr. Surender Chauhan
Manager-Corporate Reletion
Mob:   +91-8130796166
Mr. Pankaj Batra
Marketing Executive
Mob:  +91-8595166625
(A Unit of Trinity Heights Exim Pvt. Ltd.) 2nd floor, Plot no. 7, 8 & 9,
Garg Shopping Mall, Opp. Sector (Extn. XI), Rohini Phase-2, Delhi-110085, India
M: +91-8130796166 T: +91-11-4751-4751 F: +91-11-4751-4752

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    Environmental Noise Pollution Monitor – Model RT-5001 – To instantly measure the Environmental Noise Pollution Levels as per International Standards. A Portable and handy Model to serve most of all applications. Ideal for use in Factories, Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Green Building Assessment, IT Companies, BPO Centers, Educational Institutions, Training Centers, Social Service Organizations, NGOs, etc. Also used for ISO and LEED Certifications.

    For more details, please contact Mr.Madan at:

  2. Are you Working in a Pollution-free Environment? Think.

    Noise Pollution is the most neglected of all Pollution Concerns. However, only Noise Pollution has the potential to create maximum damage to humans and wildlife.

    Noise Pollution leads to various health hazards and all humans around the world are subjecting themselves to unknown health hazards due to carelessness and negligence.

    Continuous Exposure to Noise from Machineries, Road, Rail and Air Traffic leads to:- Physical problems like Hearing Loss, Digestive Disorders, Heart Diseases, Fatigue, Headaches, Migraines, Hypertension, Insomnia, Sexual Dysfunction, Altered Immune System and Psychological problems like Depression, Anger, Aggression, Alcohol & Drug abuse, Increase in suicide, Increased violence and Personality disorders and Communicative Problems like Memory loss, Decreased Learning capacity and Poor Academic performance.

    Excessive Noise also damages the Marine Organisms and our Eco System.

    Dedicated & Determined Efforts and Public Co-operation is the only way to solve problems arising out of Noise Pollution.

    Environment, Health and Safety Professionals overseeing Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Safety of Workers/Employees can greatly contribute to mitigate the health hazards posed by Noise Pollution.

    for more details on Noise Monitoring and Control in your Office/Factory, please contact Mr. K.A.Madan at:-

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