THE TIMES OF AFRICA offers a variety of packages to cater to the need of its customers. In the light of massive developments happening around, the role of media would not be undermined. Appoint us as your Official Media Partner and avail SPECIAL PACKAGES.

  • Publication in THE TIMES OF AFRICA:

    We offer our clients special pages in every issue for any news or information that they wish to share with our readers.

  • Photo clicking and video coverage:
  1. Still photography

    Soft copy of pictures in a CD will be delivered at your place within 2 days followed by the event and the hard copies will then be delivered within 2 days upon selection of the pictures from the soft version.

  2. Video Photography

    Captivating video shots will be taken by our photographer. A master VCD (unedited version) of the coverage will be delivered to you within 2 days followed by the event. Upon request, THE TIMES OF AFRICA will replicate the VCD in desired quantities. The charges to the same will vary upon the total number of VCD’s to be replicated.

  3. Conduction of interviews:

    Our experienced journalists from English and French background have conducted interviews with high profile dignitaries. In advance, THE TIMES OF AFRICA will prepare a respective questionnaire and deliver it to your end or to the interviewee. Once, the interview is completed, THE TIMES OF AFRICA to its best of understanding, will deliver the answers to the interviewee within three days of conduction of interview. Upon the approval and consent from the interviewee, the draft will stand ready to be printed in our publication.

  4. Publishing of promotional material:

    We offer our clients with promotional material services by using quality paper and printing inks. The usage of promotional materials helps in increasing the demand of products and creates awareness about the company. Our services include leaflets printing services, folders printing services, pamphlets printing services, brochures etc.

Furthermore, THE TIMES OF AFRICA will upload all the promotional material, thus printed, on our website

*Terms & Conditions apply*




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